Help for Hurting Hearts


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Unexpected challenges in life often seem to threaten our hope for the future.  I experienced such a time in December of 2014 while driving home from an author’s event and book signing at our local Bible bookstore.  A joyful event where I met other authors, shared our books, and talked about our plans for the future.  I loved every moment.

At the close of the event I had no warning that in a blink of an eye my faith would be challenged.  My husband, John, helped me place my remaining books in the car.  He nodded in approval when I stated, “My turn to drive home.”

During the drive home we were laughing, when I suddenly felt my face and left arm go numb. My speech became jumbled.  I pulled into a parking lot and we quickly switched seats.  Then John drove me to emergency.

There I was diagnosed with “Transient Ischemic Attack” and we spent several hours in E.R.  Finally, I was released.  But, my journey had just begun.  Subsequently over the next year I was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor, had a brain hemorrhage, stroke, and heart attack. I spent several weeks in speech therapy, physical therapy and spent two days in a nursing home.  I questioned, “God is my life ever going to be normal again?” God answered me through a series of life-lessons on prayer, faith, love, and trust.


Be reassured that God hears our prayers: Whether we pray silently to God or pray with others in a prayer group.

  • FAITH:

Our faith in God during difficult times brings comfort, peace and renewal.

  • LOVE:

 “God is love.”  Listen for His guidance when you feel alone.

  • TRUST:

Trusting in God often brings about results who others believe is impossible.

Today, my life has been restored, my hope is renewed, and my faith has been strengthened.  I’m talking, walking and writing while praising God for His healing.  Every day is precious as I’m blessed with the love of God and family.  When I pray I know that God is listening.  I Trust that His plan for me is always because he loves me.  A love that guides me during the good times, as well as the challenging times.

I hope my blog “Renewal of Hope” encourages you not to give up, not to remain angry, not to mistrust, and not to toss your faith away.  I pray that you’ll walk anew in 2017.

Author: renewalofhope

Karen Kosman is an inspirational speaker and author who offers hope to hurting hearts. She brings laughter and tears to her audience through sound biblical truth and her personal story. Her diversified life experiences enable her to speak on many of life's most difficult topics.

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