Help for Hurting Hearts

A Message of Hope


There are times when we are certain we have no more reserves to call upon. Our tears have fallen on our pillows at night and sprint forth at the most inopportune times. In quiet moments we search our souls for a smattering of faith–not sure if it’ll be there. We pray, not sure we are being heard. We search for answers–but still they do not come. We dance in a perpetual cycle of grief, and at the lowest point when our hearts feel empty, the unexpected happens: A friend calls with kind words or a Bible verse comes to our minds. Or more dramatically, God sends a message of hope as the sun peeks through dark clouds, and a rainbow appears. Perhaps, after hours of tossing and turning, sleep finally arrives with the beguiling song of a nightingale. God’s supply of comfort never runs dry.

Author: renewalofhope

Karen Kosman is an inspirational speaker and author who offers hope to hurting hearts. She brings laughter and tears to her audience through sound biblical truth and her personal story. Her diversified life experiences enable her to speak on many of life's most difficult topics.

2 thoughts on “A Message of Hope

  1. Karen, you have been such a blessing as I have known you over the years. I am sad to move away but I know we will keep in touch always.


  2. My goodness, Pat, you are more than a friend. You are my sister in Christ. Today, is cooler. The sky is blue, and John and I are busy around the house. I can not find the words enough to describe how much I appreciate your assistance. I loved the pictures of you and the trucks. You look so small along side of them.


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